Ponder the Perspective and Contemplate the Conceived

February 4, 2008
By Renee Fortin, Moscow, ME

A language
Written simply for the understanding that brings
Photographs of the worst
Ignorance folded like bread dough

Not just a rhyming Dr. Seuss
As the sweet bed time story
I didn’t receive
But the true meaning behind his books
That I lived

Concentrating on defining myself
Yet shoved from excelling in the different
Like a preteen boy
Whose own brother he hates
Stealing attention
For his disorder causes consistency
Initiating operation violence
Beating his peers causing the anger to disintegrate

Hidden metaphorically
Blankly releasing the truth
Wanting only those who can pick it up
To be the ones only to help

Don’t live in my shoes.
Don’t even take a walk in my shoes.
Nor put yourself in my position long enough to take a step.
They are mine.
It’s all I ask .

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