my life is a black hole

February 4, 2008
By Kaitlynn Olson, Havre, MT

my life is a black hole
im falling though it
it seems nothing could stop my falling
until i saw you
you were my safety net
my closure
my life
my love
you were the reason i stopped falling
now youre gone im falling falling again
you told me i was safe
stupidly i believed you finding the hard way
that every lie that was said and every rumor heard was true all true
you said you would never hurt me
instead you destroyed me killing my very existance
you said i was safe
please tell me what was i safe from?
was i safe from the real world you tried to despretely to keep from me?
im falling though my black hole
trying to get a grip on reality
trying so hard to save myself
now i wonder if i will ever stop falling
falling in my black hole.

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