Hate Me If You Will

February 4, 2008
By Anthony Ramirez, Whitewood Dr., CA

I hate you and every thing that you stand for.
Who held you so tight ,
held you up through all of the years
Kept you warm in the nights,
Fought away all you fears
And wiped away all of your tears?
I never thought this creation,
Would lead to so much pain and devastation,
Could it be by design,
That love was created to make me lose my own mind?
It’s you that makes me feel so damn insane,
I wana pick up a gun and blow my own brains,
Just to get you out of my mind and get rid of the pain,
Even if it means I’ll meet my demise,
And I hope that you realize
Because it shouldn’t be a surprise,
It was you that drove me to it with all of your lies,
And it’s now that I write my final goodbyes,
Before my heart stops beating and I finally die.

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