May 12, 2011
By C.J.J. BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
C.J.J. BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
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i miss your always reassuring smile,
your smile gave me comfort + love,
the way your eyes used to sparkle like diamonds,
i miss the way your smile said that nothing was wrong but deep down inside i knew different,
the way your smile said the right thing without words needed, when i needed cheering up,
your luscious brown eyes were your best feature,
they always made me smile + happy,
you were are + will always be my guardian angel,

i hate the way you didn't call or text,
i hate your natural hair, black is hot on you,
i hate it when we're apart,
i hate the way i miss you terribly, i feel like a part of me is missing,
i hate it,
i hate it,
i hate it,

i miss your voice,
it makes me feel like nothing else really matters,
it makes everything seem alright even int he worst cases,
i miss the way your voice completed your hugs,

your hugs are so warming,
they make me feel safe + comfortable,
i can't get enough of your hugs,
they are like my security blanket + like a security blanket I've had since birth,

i hate the regret i have from saying what i said the last tI'me i saw you,
i wish i could turn back tI'me + take it all back,
i dream about you when ever i need to see your face, this is how i know your with me,
as i said your my guardian angel,

i cry myself silently to sleep most nights,
that's how much i dearly miss you,
the pain that i feel i don't know how long it will take to heal,
I'm scared if it heals i will forget you,
i never want to forget you,
if i don't forget you the pain may never cease + go away,
maybe just maybe,
i may still love you,

everywhere i go or nearly everything i hear reminds me of you,
i don't mind it at all, bur sometI'mes it get upset + i have to hide my emotions,

i just want you back,
back to hear you voice one last tI'me,
back to see your smile one last tI'me,
back to hug you one last tI'me,
just one last tI'me, one last tI'me, that's all i want,
one last tI'me, just to spend one final day with you,

R.I.P Matt.

The author's comments:
this is another dedication to a late friend.

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