I will come back to you my love

February 4, 2008
By matthew mccutcheon, Lagrange, KY

I will come back to you my love
Wait for me not
In the evils of twilight
But in the joyous birth of morning

My love
There is a battle to be dealt with
Not one of sword and shield
A mental and spiritual war
Which I must end

The battle field is not a green one
It is not at sea or in the sky
This battle is being fought
In the kingdoms of my mind

Dwell not on the past
Nor the present
But on the arrival of your warrior
In the future

Though I will be gone
A great deal of time
Storms and droughts will linger over you
But be strong and stay happy
Knowing you are loved by me
For I will end the war
Some night
And will return to you at sunrise

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