April 15, 2011
By Anonymous

The sun is shining bright,
while butterflies flutter past the daffodils.
Little children zoom by on their tricycles,
And the chalk on the black pavement slowly fades to dust.
Blue jays are soaring through the cloudless sky,
Summer has arrived, with all its beautiful sights.

The children’s screams pierce the sticky air,
Blue jays are singing beautiful songs that fill the quiet forests.
Rainbows peer out behind the mysterious rain clouds,
while the bumblebees buzz from out of their hives.
The wind grasps the kelly green leaves on each branch.
Rain drops quickly smack the plastic covers on many pools,
as the flowers sprout out of the moist dirt, bringing May flowers.

The smell of pine takes over the households,
The fresh snow makes a blanket over the huge meadows.
Christmas trees hang off of car roofs,
As children frantically rip wrapping paper off of new toys.
Parents are scurrying to get ready, as roads are freezing up.

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