April 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Moving to a new town was terrifying,
meeting new people and memorizing new places.
I felt as if I would be the new girl forever,
almost as if no one would take the time to know me,
and the town seemed like it was the size of Texas,
I thought I was going to get lost, and never find my way home.

The new high school was huge, and so confusing.
I was used to two hallways and no wing names.
Everyone acted so much differently,
it was not a bad thing, I learned to love it much more quickly.
It was a new beginning, exactly what I needed.

My backyard was filled with spiny trees,
when I was used to sand-covered walkways.
There were no more five minute drives to get to the beach,
instead there were what seemed like year long drives, just to see my friends.
It was a new beginning, which I hope will last forever.

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