declaration of change

May 7, 2011
By JeanaMathias BRONZE, Prairie Grove, Arkansas
JeanaMathias BRONZE, Prairie Grove, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
Mark Moore: God does what He wants when He wants without your permission.

Everyone says I’m great at serving God but am I
I mean I still sin like everyone else I still lie
Ya I go to church and think I want to go into ministry but is that all there is
Will my drive for Him loose its fizz

I think God is pushing me towards my future maybe it’s meant to be
Sometimes I have doubts but they tend to make a better Christian out of me
I admit I have my faults but I hope that through God I can move past it all
If I follow His word and have Him by my side I shall not fall

Sometimes I struggle with daily practices like reading my bible and praying
I also sin in other ways but that goes without saying
It’s sad that I can say that and you know what I mean
Yet it’s still not as bad as some things I have seen

We have seen all His power and might
He has instilled in us a type of fright
We say that we have chosen to follow Him
But in our loves of sin we still wallow

Against this world I have chosen to follow
In this life of sin I will no longer wallow
My Lord My Friend My God My Savior
Will now and forever control my behavior

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