The Hot Potato

May 22, 2011
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From the father of a friend
I heard quite the story.
Not one you’d expect
Not of great fame or glory.

Different from those
In the Hall of Fame
Because it destroyed the credibility
Of baseball, the game.

Dave Bresnahan was the catcher
From whom this story came.
An idea about a potato
Gave this story some fame.

A minor league pro
With a story so absurd.
It was the bottom of the fifth
With a man on third.

A potato he cut
To look like a ball.
Threw it over the third basemen
And bewildered us all.

The runner trotted home.
And without a doubt
Davey tagged him.
The ump called, “You’re out!”

Yet he was quite puzzled
How could Dave fake that throw?
Then the umpires found
The cut potato.

The opposing team was furious.
They yelled, and they whined.
The following day
Dave was hit with a fine.

Then they kicked him out.
But he isn’t ashamed.
Because today that potato sits
In the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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