My life and soul have been blackened by the years of hate.

May 7, 2011
By Psycho BRONZE, Toronto, Other
Psycho BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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When you came into my life you brought the light and warmth.
I respect your every wish and whim.
You taught me to trust and to believe.
You inspire me to push myself to work harder at my goals.
When I see your down I try my best to show you that your opinion of yourself is the one that really counts.
Everyone tries to change us, but we understand each other perfectly and we can help each other through anything all we have to do is trust.
I told you I’d do anything you ask me to do, but you asked me to do something I cannot do and will not do, and that is to forget about you.
If you’re in trouble I will follow you, and bring you back to safety.
I would give up my life to make sure your safe.
If I have to I will wait the rest of my life for you.
I love and miss you.

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