Only God Knows

May 1, 2011
How do I feel and look different?
But I am different than you, how?
It’s in my dazzling smile,
My gorgeous eyes
My walking or skipping
As time really flies.
My holiday traditions
With candy and bows
How was I made different?
Only God knows.

I know by now that I’m no Miss America
But I am beautiful inside, how?
It’s in the warmth of my heart
My own tender words
My fly-high spirit
As free as a birds!
My strange way of speaking
As far as words go!
How was I made different?
Only God knows!

I have been called hurtful names.
But I still stay strong, how?
It’s in my stubborn mind
And my own fighting back
As I stand up
For my final “attack”!
I keep to myself
But tries not to transpose!
How was I made different?
Only God knows!

We close in on this poem of mine.
But you can show who you are, how?
You can laugh a little longer,
Or just laugh allot!
Just don't be afraid
And show what you’ve got!
And all of these words,
I’ve chosen to enclose.
How were you made different?
Only God knows!

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