April 29, 2011
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The girl sits alone. Haunted by the facts that she knows only to be true.
She sits by herself. Haunted by the fact that she'll never be prefect.
She's haunted by the fact that she could never be as skinny as other girls. Never have the bodies they do.
So the haunted girl sits alone in her own tortured world where she is reminded everyday that she could never be like other girls. That she will never fit in.
She has doomed herself to this world of loneliness because she is too imperfect to believe she could ever be excepted into this society. Because she is nothing like the skinny cheerleaders that fraught around with there Jock boyfriends.
No she is not like them. So she sits alone. Hoping. Waiting.
But she knows no one will come. No one will love her tortured soul.
So she continues to sit alone. Haunted

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