Anne Frank

May 1, 2011
By gol4grl BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
gol4grl BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Anne Frank was a girl, just like me
All she ever wanted was to be free.

She lived in Amsterdam, until the day
That her freedom was taken away.

Germany went to war and Hitler was so bad
He killed many Jews, it was so very sad.

Inside a secret annex her entire family hid
Even though they knew it was strictly forbid.

Eight people had to live in one tiny room
Yet her life wasn’t only filled with gloom.

Anne’s diary became her best friend
She chose to write in it until the very end.

She wrote about her life, her family and fears
Never expecting to hide for over two years.

She wrote about hope, dreams, and of love
She always believed in God up above.

She patiently waited for the war to end
Hoping again to see her family and friends.

The sound of bombs dropping all through the war
She was always wondering what was in store.

The Nazi’s finally found them in 1944
They moved a bookcase and found the secret door.

The family was forced to get on a train
No Jews in Germany were allowed to remain.

They split the family up and took them away
To concentration camps where they had to stay.

In these horrible places, they killed millions of Jews
Anne was forced to stay, she could not choose.

The camps were so dirty, no food or supplies
Many became sick and most of them died.

At age fifteen in 1945
Anne got so sick, she couldn’t survive.

Her dad was the only one to leave that place
The others all died without a trace.

Anne’s diary became famous all over the world
So everyone could learn about this special girl.

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