Mother's Day

May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

I love you ‘cause you’re there for me
I love you ‘cause you take care of me
If I could buy the world for you and maybe even the stars
It wouldn’t even compare to you ‘cause to me, you are better than Mars

When my life is feeling rough
And times are getting tough
I come to you hoping that
Your love and care and guidance will always be enough

I know that I can be a pain sometimes
And I love you for dealing with all my crimes
And I want you to know that I’m thankful
For your gentleness and kindness and just for being an angel

To me you are beautiful and that’s all I can really say
But what I really want to tell you is, “Happy Mother’s Day!”
And if I could even give you all my love and even give you more
It wouldn’t be enough for you because you deserve so much more

If I spent the rest of my days telling you, “I Love you.”
I know that you would respond with a soft, “I Love you too.”
But I know there is so much more behind this love that you’ve poured out on me
For you will love me ‘till the end of time but I will always love you more

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