The Jeff and I

January 23, 2008
By Christian Dobbins, Deptford, NJ, NJ

You love zombies; I loved Sonic.
I’m an angel; you’re demonic.

You are crazy; I am too.
You hide money in your shoe.

I can’t turn off Avatar; you can’t turn off Mr. T.
I’d pick a good show while you’d go to ski.

You are funny; I am too (sort of).
One of your favorite bands is The Who.

I am short; you are tall.
Compared to you, I am super small.

You are abnormal; I learned from you.
When you grow up, you want a Witty Wizard tattoo.

You have facial hair; I have none.
I’m Charlie Brown; you are Homer Simpson.

But while we have differences; you’ll always be cool.
You’re my friend for all of time, foo.

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