Traitors and Thieves

April 25, 2011
By Colemione BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
Colemione BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
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All through my life
No one person could assist
In helping criminals
In such ways as this

In cheating and lying
All through the day
What used to be serious crime
Has become children’s play

Where are our laws?
What has been done?
Has our battle with justice
Been lost or won?

How could we let it happen?
Hasn’t it been shown?
Have we become younger?
Instead of grown?

There used to be character
In our great leaders so
That if one of us lost
There were more ways to go

But look at us
Taking like there will never be an end
Rules that used to be solid
Have more room to bend

We used to be the sweet land of liberty
But now all we are
Is a land of traitors and thieves

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