A Firm Feeling

April 29, 2011
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Blue sunny skies, big bright eyes, and expensive rides
Everybody’s happy with parents walking around in beautiful stripped ties
But, this is not the life I lead
Some people are only here for the money or because they feel they are forced to be
I am here because I want to succeed
I will take in everything and win at all costs
The thing is what will happen if everything is lost?
You have to start all over, just like a ring toss
Oh, but me I’m not going to stop
I’m going straight to the top
I am inspired to be all I can be
I have discovered that I might be the first person in the Lampkins family with a Ph.D.
Oh can’t you see, how great that would be?
To have exceptional success, a determined personality is the key
I already have my key, I just have to put in the work and watch everything fall into place
I can feel it, I almost have the sweet, sweet taste
So, then I can have my award winning books, and extensive knowledge
My high GPA and full ride to college
I am going to take all this world throws at me
When I succeed, I will be noteworthy

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