Mask the truth

January 24, 2008
By Hiroko Nishimura, Columbia, MD

Mask the truth
A veil upon my face
I wear, as a hooded cloak
Hiding who I really am
Because you will hate me
If you really knew

I don't want you to know,
To see the true me
And so,
I lie, lie to you
To hide from the light;
From the blinding reality

Hiding under the fake, fake façade
Hiding who I really am
A smile plastered on my face
I am tricking you
I am tricking me

Lurking behind the curtain of darkness
That I created
Sometimes even I can forget
That I’m not who I fake to be

And yet…
I want you to find me
Come release me
From the shell
I’ve trapped myself to be

Find me and tell me
That I am more than I give myself credit for
That I am worth someone
Even without the veil

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