Nature and You

January 25, 2008
By Kathryn Hedges, Shoreline, WA

A tree
Large and strong, protective, wise and willing
Knowledge dances between its feathered, tangled branches
Kind and caring, the home of many left behind, shelter for the needy Protecting those inferior
The water
Dangerous yet necessary, beautiful, soft yet strong
Life of many creatures sparkles in between its shallow, peaceful waves
Superlative and strong, keeping every single being on Earth alive
Brought together by a single substance
The sun
Bright and shining, vibrant, vivid and clear
Infectious exhilaration dances in between it's vivid rays of golden sunshine
Creating an ecstasy that can only be brought by nature, entering us all
Warming the air and spirit
Honest and loyal, cute, fun and loving
A certain beauty weaves about your presence
Kind and caring like a tree, you're sweet when no one else is
Superlative and strong like water, you protect me without question
Bright and shining, you lighten up a room with your splendor
Loving and bonding with the heart

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