Deer Hunting

January 25, 2008
By Eric Pline, Lyons, MI

Sitting in my deer blind at the crack of dawn,
Waiting to see the first doe and her fawn.

I can see deer running around in a thicket,
The next thing two of them ran into each other and bit it.

When they finally came out of the thicket they headed for the hills,
It made me mad that they went away from me because I could have made some kills.

The next deer I saw looked at me with a stare,
And when I picked up my gun it made a glare.

When the deer saw the glare it ran away,
So I said to myself the next deer would pay.

I heard a noise behind me so I turned around and there it stood,
It was a big doe so I raised my gun and I knew I could.

Click. Click. Boom! It hit the ground and started flopping all around,
When I walked up to the deer it was without a sound.

The deer was dead,
And now I will be fed.

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