The Class of 2009

January 25, 2008
By Nick Shattuck, Portland, MI

What would the Class of 2009 at St. Pat’s be today,
If everyone who transferred had decide to stay.

Enrollment would be up, and tuition down,
The school might possibly be more renown.

It is hard to tell how many more friends would have been made,
Or how much fun we would have had together over the past decade.

But why did so many others decide to up and go,
Did they know something that we didn’t know?

Was it because they didn’t fit in and tended to clash,
Or because their parents could not afford the cash?

It is a fact that the students and families of St. Pat’s are closely knit,
So maybe those who left just didn’t fit.

As for me, I am glad that I chose to stay here,
For I have received a great education, one that is premier.

Our class has made the school, which has helped me become who I am today,
A person who I am proud to openly display.

Sports have been an adventure, to say the least,
As the number of participants has continued to decrease.

However, those who have continued to stick with it and play,
Have earned my utmost respect, with the high price they pay.

The friends that I have made, will be friends for life,
Even when times are full of uncertainty and strife.

Over the past years in class, a lot of fun has been had,
Even though most of it was off topic, which caused our teachers to get mad.

The teachers have changed, they’ve come and gone,
But one thing is certain, that friendships will forever carry on.

All in all, I wouldn’t have changed things one bit,
The Class of 2009, for me, has been a perfect fit.

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