What is love?

April 4, 2011
By GillianHyde BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
GillianHyde BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
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What is Love?
Love is the ocean full of life
It’s the tide rolling in every day at the same time
It’s the newly born turtles scrambling to live
And the seagulls trying to find the right song to speak
Love is the turtles and seagulls expressing what they feel

Love is the heart-pounding feel
It’s the old couple sitting in the park indefinitely in love
Staring honestly into each other’s eyes while they speak
To one another about the wonderful life
They spent together as they relive
All their memorable events that have passed in their lifetime

Love is the moment of time
Where a man knows and can feel
The instant nervousness that makes him seem so alive
This is the split second that he realizes he is infinitely in love
It’s the point in time where he know she is the love of his life
This time can’t be explained. Of it we cannot speak.

Love is the letters in which they must speak
Through because they are thousands of miles apart in time
It’s the cherished moments a soldier spends helping their country throughout his life
And experiencing all the hardships and all the emotions they feel
It is the wife and her husband’s distant love
Love is the soldier knowing that his friends and family are alive

Love is the mute learning to live
And speak
Through love
And knowing it will take time
To get through the obstacles and anger they feel
But that it is worth it at the end of day and for the rest of their life

Love is a necessity of life
In order to live
You must love and express your emotions and how you feel
You must open your heart and speak
You will go through ups and downs throughout your time
But to live you must love

There are so many things to love in life
With so little time to live
And speak what you feel

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