Summer Night / Fireworks

January 26, 2008
It’s summer,
The booming of fireworks overtakes the chirping crickets,
It’s night,
The air rustles with a tingle of warm wind,
It’s late,
And the sky is flashing,

It’s flashing with a myriad of colours,
Like a painting,
It shoots into the sky,
It pauses,
Then it blooms into life.
Like a flower.
Then in a flash, it fades away.

The flow of time,
Washes away the past,
Like the waves of an ocean on a beach.

Memories can never be erased,
We pretend to forget,
But they are there.
Sometimes we feel our heart stir,
Where it once felt pain.

You don’t realize,
How important something is,
Until you’ve dropped it.
In the sand,
Where it can never come back.

On this hillside teeming with people,
The wind feels a little colder,
The air gets a little chillier,
The fireworks look lovelier than ever.
Maybe summer is already nearing its end?

Let’s forget everything.
Because right now,
The fireworks are blooming,
And the summer wind is whispering the sweet smell of watermelon ice.
Reality and dreams are mixed together,
And time stops,
Just like that.

It’s just the summer night,
And it’s fireworks.

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