The Darkness

January 26, 2008
Let the darkness over come me.
Let it rap its arm’s around me and never let go.
Just leave me alone here to die in the everlasting darkness.
In the dark with no one around me,
I can become what ever I want to become.
Because no one is there to judge me.
In the darkness no one can see me or hear me.
But this does mean that I would be left there only with my mind.
I want to be over come by the darkness and left alone.
Yes, I want this even with knowing that my mind is so dangerous to my own health.
I’m willing to take that chance.
If something happens to me, I wish for no one to come running to my rescue.
If my own mind kills me then it is just meant to be.
I want to be left alone in the undisturbed darkness for the rest of my life.
No matter how long that is I still want it.
So now I know just what I want but now I need to find it.
If you know the way to the undisturbed darkness,
The way to the everlasting darkness,
The way to my personal sanctuary,
The way to my deathbed,
Please do tell me the way.

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