As It Once Was

January 26, 2008
By Sara Willingham, New Creek, WV

As it once was
When people hurried to offices
The hustle and bustle of N.Y.C.
With starched suits, shiny briefcase
And coffee in hand
As it once was.

As it had been
Two towers so tall
With a million strong stories
Lovely twins holding the people
That hustle and bustle
With straight ties, pristine coats
And papers on desk
As it had been.

As it was then
On that frightening day
When the bird fell from the sky
And the ground shook and trembled
And children cried out
For the hustle and bustle
Attempts to escape from the flames and the frames
And the close-crushing rock
As it was then.

As it happened
When the heroes in red
Fought their way through the mess
And cared not for their own
As they hustle and bustle
To pull helpless free
And liberate trapped
From the rubble and horror
That muffled the screams
As it happened.

As it could be
With the hundreds still gone
And the cries of the hurt
And the sobs of the left
And the silence of dead
There’s no hustle and bustle,
We wait and we ask
If the hurt will return; will another bird fall
As it could be.

As it is now
And we gather our strength
Let them hold their heads high
And honor the heroes
Treasure the living
Remember the dead
As our country prevails
And it hustles and bustles
With faith and with hope
As it is now.

As it will be.

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