Why Do I Write?

January 26, 2008
By Ekpen Aiyevbomwan, Brooklyn, NY

Why do I write?
To understand why we kneel at the feet of greatness
Why we stutter at the face of perfection
Why we dare hold the hands of goddesses
Why we gaze from afar but long to get closer
That’s why
I entwine my pattern less rhymes
With hieroglyphics from this thing called the alphabet
To make art, poetry
noise, music
Maybe even something beautiful
Like our fathers and mothers
Who joined each other
And created us
So that we could love one another
God gave us ears
To hear the unspoken
Gave us eyes
To see what lies within
Gave us hands
To touch and feel the pain of our sisters and brothers
Gave us mouths to taste the forbidden fruit: knowledge
Which we use with our God given brains
To connect the dots like kindergarten school children
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
So the best vision for beauty is that of a blind man
We hear what we need to hear
So the deaf people are the most independent
United we stand
Divided we fall
But in reality,
The words become motions toward discombobulation
If united, with bad,
You already fell
And if divided from evil, you stand with good
U see, these are combinations of letters meant be understood
Lay down in complex ways, yes
But they influence all that you know
I drum up lines
So my thoughts beat in your head
String together beads of creativity
So when strummed, the chords vibrate in your eardrums
And they ask "Why do I write?"
To make art, poetry, noise, music
Maybe even something beautiful

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