To Run Free

April 22, 2011
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The wind in mine hair, birds cawing
Frightened prey running ahead of me
A howl bursting from mine lips to caress
Mine ears, standing up to detect more.
Now and again a rock falters mine step
Tread not I where I know not the earth
Mother's smooth caress, mine silken fur
Energized and haunted by the screaming air.

Eyes of passionate green and black
The tips of mine ears a crimson lack
Bursting through with an excited yip
Crows and eagles chasing after me.
Fresh scent of blood assaulting mine nose
Wafting by on the breezes I adore
Mine paws touching upon the ground
I am free to run amok once more.

This is what it means to be free
Of shackles and cages and misuse
Crying my joy to the stars and moon
I will be mine ancestors soon.
Rabbits scurry, caught by twitching
Branches, the scent of blood is stronger.

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