The First Day of Snow

January 27, 2008
By Gil Berman, Atlanta, GA

The heavens turn gray, and beckon the cold,/the children all drop all the toys that they hold./The trees are all barren, the rivers don't flow,/but do not despair, for here comes the snow.
The children all stare, awed and amazed,/"What is this white stuff that falls from the haze?"/Animals are scarce, save a few doe,/but outdoors are still great, because of the snow.
one young kid feels it; it's cold to the touch/"One hour has past, how is there so much?"/It's white as can be, it just seems to glow,/the children all curious, about all the snow.
They make round men of it, a stick for each arm./the children all laughing, entranced by its charm./One makes a large ball, takes aim for a throw,/the children all playing, outside in the snow.
Alas, comes the sun, brought in by the dawn./the icicles melted, the snowmen all gone./do not cry children, don't hang your heads low,/for next year comes winter, and with it, more snow.

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