Tears in Life

April 28, 2011
By Lily.Bug BRONZE, Laurel Hill, Florida
Lily.Bug BRONZE, Laurel Hill, Florida
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Tears in life they come and go
I try so hard not to let them show.
its getting harder and harder not having you around
I think of you without a sound.
my heart races when I see our memories
knowing one day I'll see you again
I miss the way we used to be
you lived your life so care free!
I love you and this is true
but now you gone and I'm feeling gloom!
time has passed and things have changed
but my love for you will never fade
for in my heart your still alive
and i know one day I'll be by your side
walking down the streets of gold
I go on living my life each day I make a new fold
you were the greatest man on earth
and to me
you still mean everything
I miss your hugs and friendship
but I know your doing better now
tears in life they come and go
even when I dont let them show...

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote one night when I was sitting in my room thinking about some of the people that were important to my life that passes away. I just wanted to show how much they really truely ment to me.

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