Im sorry that i loved you

January 28, 2008
By Amari Soria, Lebanon, PA

Im sorry that i loved you

Im sorry for puttin myself through this

Im sorry that i named you devil

You were,

Wonderful to me though you

Played me in such a way that everyman may know

You loved me but not how i loved you

Though you,

Recived my heart when i gave it to you

You treated me like, i was just a toy

Even though,

You came on to me and made me feel all
kinds of things i cant day

And you made my yern for you stronger than ever

I regret, not being able to trust you with my true feelings

I regret hating you,

For not stopping me from loving you

For not understanding the love between
us is only mutual

I am truely sorry for tihnking you
would cherish me the way i cherish you

I am done

There is nothing else i can say


All i can do is keep loosing

Or die a lonley soul

And i choose,

To live

Even if it is a life with out you

I am,

Ready to say good bye

I am,

Hopefully saying the truth


Sorry that i loved you

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