January 28, 2008
By Erin Sutherland, Shoreline, WA

I am a gold fish blending with the others in the tank.
I am the color white, like a blank page, a story unwritten.
I am a cracked eggshell, little pieces, seemingly unable to fit back together.
I am an infant unable to form the right words.
I am the forgotten seaside town, boring to an outsider, busy and full of life to the people who know it.
I am a caramel apple, sticky and messy on the outside, a pleasant center, a perfect blend of sweet and sour.
I am a fireplace a warm comfort but an element in the background.
I am Arbor Day, cherished more by some, unnoticed by others.
I am the creek in the backyard, a fort for a child, and a mystery to the neighbor.
I am a Fireworks show, you never know what will be next.
I am a Jawbreaker, ordinary on the outside, layered and bursting with flavor on the inside.

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