April 26, 2011
Hey there mister man,
What did you say?
I'm sorry I can't hear you,
I'm caught in yesturday;

When the clouds were gone,
And there was no goodbye;
When nothing else mattered,
It was just you and I;

When the sun shone down,
Drying my tears;
Just you and I talking,
Escaping my fears;

How I long for you to hold me,
To share a simple kiss;
I regret the oppertunities,
That I have had to miss;

But as day turns to night,
I'm too scared to say what's true;
But I know I need to say,
How much I love you;

But reality checks in,
As I'm waving goodbye;
I regret holding back my feelings;
Why? Why? Why?

I walk in my door,
Trudge through my home;
Without you my heart will be,
Forever alone.

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