Without Your Love

April 28, 2011
By soccersnooch SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
soccersnooch SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Your love might sting
But the happiness it brings
overcomes the familiar memories
of my face squeezed tight
to my pillow at night
all alone putting up a fight
that was far out of sight
It overwhelms all the days
I spent crying
When I wanted to stop trying
Or the nights I spent alone
listening to the ghastly moans
escaping my mouth
my heart
my soul
One by one
they left
As I watched enviously
Hoping that someday
The pain might just go away
Just like my hope
But nothing you could say
Would ever make my life
Brighter than the darkest of dark days
And not even your prays
Could ever bring back
the hours
the days
the months
of my life
I spent self consciously daring
and staring
at the knife
Wondering what life would be like
In the burning fire
Down below
Or my desire
to go up higher
Much higher
As high as I could go
without you
without your stone cold heart
That doesn’t beat without me
Without the one person
who actually cared about you
needed you
loved you
So now I question
Is your love truly stronger
than the pain
that lasted longer
Longer than you would ever know

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