Count Down to 44 and When its Time to Leave You Behind

January 29, 2008
By Hannah Gray, West Lafayette, IN

1. Where did the day go?
2. I feel lost with out your face right there.
3. How will I forget?
4. I don't really think I care.
5. And still I pretend I do, and do you know?
6. Do they, the others, know? How long have you known?
7. Do I smile too much?
8. Is it that I'm not good at talking?
9. Is it just my lot to be forgotten?
10. left like your old life,
11. I don't know why I think about this so much
12. I don't actually care. you could die
14. And still I dream and think.
15. the 14th is when I will last see you and them
16. odd that I don't care, but that I do,
17. so many will leave,
18. and I will never see them again
20. where are you,
21. And what do you not know?
22. Best regards,
23. Best regards,
24. Cordially,
25. Love,
26. Regards,
27. Respectfully yours,
28. Respectfully,
29. Sincerely yours,
30. Sincerely,
31. Take care,
32. Thank you,
33. Thanks,
34. Yours truly,
35. the
36. girl
37. you
38. never
39. knew
40. to
41. be
42. real
44. good-bye

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