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who i am

I am the whispher you refuse to hear,
i am the relfection in your mirror.
i am the doubt in your eyes,
i am the you-who continues to cry.
i am the shadow that follows your walk,
i am the rebel who refuses to talk.
i am the stars hanging above your head,
i am the words still left unsaid.
i am the cloud that continues to rain,
i am the questions that rack your brain.
i am the light that makes u unafriad,
i am the picture that continues to fade.
i am the memories that you cling onto,
i am the person who you once knew.
i am the sheet that covers your dreams,
i am the echo that follow your screams.
i am the person you do not forgive,
i am the nightmare you have to relive.
i am the friend who drags you down,
i am the moments that make you frown.
i am the blame that comsumes your mind,
For i am the years you wish to rewind

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