4- Wheel Trouble

April 21, 2011
By Cody Barton BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Cody Barton BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I went to a friends house to hang out. I was supposed to be back in a hour or two. As we were playing video games and thinking of what to do, we thought about this scary man down East Canyon Creek Dirt Road. We decided we were going to ride his ATV’s down to his old trailer and sneak onto his land and look around.
Before I left my mom told me not to ride his four-wheeler’s. But it was too much to resist. We started to head towards the trailer and my chain came off. And random guy came by and helped us out. We were on our way and we soon made it to his land. My friend had told me stories about how they went their once before and went into his old trailer.
He said inside the trailer was a bloody mess.
Their was blood everywhere and long hair on the floor. He also said this trailer belonged to Ted Bundy, one of the most famous murderers in the world. Good thing he was dead though. You may think he was lying but he wasn’t. We approached the “murderer’s” land and I could fences covered in NO
Cody Barton
Thursday, March 17, 2011 8:34:42 AM MT
TRESPASSING signs. We went right up to the fence and I could see the trailer.
I looked toward the trailer and I could see blood smeared a little on the door and on the side. I was freaking out because I was really nervous and a little scared. I could hear a truck back in the canyon on his property. Now I’m not going to take any chances of getting caught. We both bolted to the four-wheelers and started going. I drove about twenty yards and then my chain fell off! “Great,” I thought. My friend is yelling at me telling me we have to go. I couldn’t though. Just as I though we were dead. The man who assisted us earlier turned around the corner.
He knew what was up and he said he would put it in the back of his pick-up. The guy took us all the way home and dropped us off. We thanked him and he left. We put the ATV’s away and his dad took me home. By the time I got to my house, about three hours had passed and I was in big trouble. I ended up being grounded for a while but I wasn’t mad. I was just glad that I didn’t get caught by the “MURDERER!”
I was able to learn from this experience that their are all kinds of crazy people in the world and it is best to leave them alone and try to avoid them. Even if their dead.
Cody Barton
Thursday, March 17, 2011 8:34:42 AM MT

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