Thank yoU

April 20, 2011
By ,
As your rays of light enter my heart
No more will i fear of being left in the dark
U R real 2 me as i'am 2 U
a true friend is hard 2 come by so U i must persue

we've been thru it all pains, and smiles
our friendship is strong so theres no need 4 denials
when i feel down and alone
the thought of your voice heals me the sweet, soft, and loving tone

we've had good times and i will always cherish the moments
never think of me as an enemy nor an opponent
you've been there 4 me when i needed u the most 4 that i would love to tell u this meaningful Quote:

A real friend is 1 who walks in when the rest of the world walks out!
and you've done that deed without even a doubt!

i will like 2 thank u for being such a trustworthy friend
and that i will be there 4 U as U were there 4 me until my life and your life comes 2 an END

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