December 8, 2007
He waited for the news in a white chair by a white wall.
Staring at the clock he saw his time pass like the leaves of fall.
If he were to die soon at least he thought, he should stall.
Instead of wasting his time in a mundane hospital hall.

A young child held tightly to the side of his mom, it reminded him of his youth.
An older gentleman leaning on a cane reminded him of what could have been.
All he saw throughout the hall were reminisces of his own recalls.

As he tapped his foot on the floor he began to think nicely about his death.
He even thought to himself,"I have no regrets"

"For I have witnessed all in my life, both love, family and cruelness created by human strife"

But his only regret was leaving behind that special someone he always kept in mind.
That one great gal that was always by his side, who loved him unconditionally no matter the time.
He wondered whether he should call her on a phone but he didn't want to worry her with being alone.
He sat up thinking by the white wall if he was ready to die, thinking how he wouldn't make it to thirty-four.

As once said," Why canst thou death be untimely?"
Why canst that man have his last few years to raise his own family.
Why do the good always die so fast?
And why do the evil out last the contrast?

On a white chair and in a White hall this man cried because he had worked for it all.
He was a man who had friends, a family and wife.
But now he was doomed with an end to his early life.
His soul was so empty as he sat on that chair, as the clock ticked he said a small prayer.

The time had come and the nurse in white told him he’d die.
Sooner or later and he began to ask her why.
“WHY! Have I worked so hard just to die! Why must I say goodbye to my parents and everyone else in my life! Why cant me and god see eye to eye, it is not my time I DON’T WANT TO DIE!”

He yelled and screamed and spent a few moments in sorrow.
He called the people he would leave behind and rushed them to come by before tommorow.
As he laid his head on a hospital bed like a picture book he memorized everyone’s faces.
He was about to leave on a long trip and he had a few words to say before he could slip:

“I’m real sad to leave you guys alone, but please remember we have all grown. Everyone will die sooner or later, and maybe god has something for me to do even greater. So come give me a big hug as I begin to die, I’m smiling, don’t you see… I see the white light”

TIME after all is always short
Live up to your expectations with know regrets
And remember this poem, don’t you forget.

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