One Dance--I Feel Evolution

December 7, 2007
Because I was born when light and clouds separated, mirrored like pearl in the face of a
future love,
The friction between four lusting limbs on a dance floor – coercive, and pushing two separate pasts, two multi-trillion-celled organisms down; beckon and release each god and goddess,
Emancipation – ecstasy from a human touch, where were you when the people were drowning? Corporeal pleasure screams and reduces; nature’s muscles abnegating words,
I, primitive, sexual, mobile, isolated from reason, hearing the role-call for humanity.
Present, I grumble, an absconder in an apathetic world; Yearning for forensic science, biochemistry, finding only the impossible physics of love,
I breathe. In rush echoes of desires unfulfilled; my secrets trickle out,
We’re one, no Hispano-Judaic obscurity, but human; Neurons intertwined along cerebration, reproduction, perpetuation, prelapsarian, tortillas dancing, indistinguishable from the Star of David, brown-skinned Chosen People on a continuous x-axis of Earth, a junction, our unique path to divinity,
Before knowledge, survival trembled.
It trembles with the heartbeat of reggaeton through my veins, murmuring Torah teachings, facsimile of a canoe through deep water, pulsating music titillates a human’s musings,
Now unearths the loss of my body to palpable ignorance, vexing and chafing, instinctual and unavoidable, wiping colors smooth until nothing but sharp, black text, the culmination of a powerful union,
How can an embrace so successfully seal the devious of ethereal perfection? My body wanted his…simple, the undercarriage of imminent generations?
Civilization, candied and clear, appeals as we transition to the moment, three hundred thousand years of existence, torn between vast and unknown memories, and all I can see is your face, glowing, light and clouds breezing from reality.
For the first time since I was born, I’ve lived.

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