April 20, 2011
By jenni7718 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
jenni7718 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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What he did i don"t know why?
He didnt even say goodbye
To her new life she said hi
Forever tied , Forever tied

Not broken from the fear
All she could do was tear
The only thing she saw was his beard
There no cure , theres no cure

The worst thind she felt was the pain
There was nothing to gain
She was about to go insane
Popping out vain, poping out vain

The loved ones will never ley go
They will never find out who knows
The truth is buried own low
Confusind No?,Confusing No?

People should be feared
He will always be near

The author's comments:
this poem was inspired by one of my crazy dreams that i have . what i want you guys to get from is that its not good to keep things in if somthing bad happens . you always have somone there ,your parents, friends, brother or sister ,etc . TELL SOMEONE !!!!

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