A Father's Love

December 7, 2007
It takes more then blood to determine a father

but time, strength, protection from he to another

More then the DNA and child support

because a real father wouldn't mind payin to support his kids-order form the court

A fahter's love wont crack, but can shatter the core

Stand tall beside you, never letting go forever more

Hold my hand, through storm wind and fire

Hold me high-above, your love there shall be no higher

A father's love shall never leave nor fade

Nor questioning or if, shall not pervade

From left to right, no where, not in sight

one day to another, not knowing, it aint right

Biological or not, dedication, love, time well spent

a true father, these days, is heaven sent

Stand the rain, get through the weak and tough

a Father's love will be more then enough

for hope, strength, and success to the next step

a Father's love, never questionable, get the concept

If your gone now, be gone then, and even after

Goin' day by day without, puts up a wall to close that chapter

Flesh and blood, through it all, you remain capable

Just know, a true Father's love is irreplacable

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