freedom i dont desire

June 20, 2008
There was a time
I fought for freedom, longed for liberty
Freedom was all I thought of
As the best feeling to survive
Today is a time where
Freedom has put me in a quandary
I have all the freedom I desire
Yet locked in a cage
And have no one to blame
I can go where I crave
But the heart holds me still
I have wings for the first time
But I refuse to rise from the ground
And have no one to blame
I have dreams and anticipation of touching the sky
But some thing stops me every time I dream
And I have no one to blame.
It is not the cruel world holding me still
But the heart inside me aches not to go
And yet I have no one to blame
Life was easier when I had someone or something to blame
But now I am left with freedom that I don’t desire
I think hard what I want
And all my heart wants is to be accountable for something
I don’t want to disappoint who have granted me my freedom
And now I wish I was locked
The burden of returning the kindness is too grave
I wish how he did it, freed me from my cage
I am not a coward, I am just confused
My redeemer doesn’t want a thank you, only my joy
But I feel restricted to return the valiant act of bounty of liberating me
I don’t have to do it, but doing it is the only way
For me to be accountable for something for the first time
I don’t want to leave for the sky leaving him here to perish
I can’t bear to let him down and live my life with regrets
I don’t want my freedom; it is just an adornment now
As I know I am chosen
To return the favor that made be a warrior
Brave enough to give away my freedom.
Finally to redeem myself is what I want, not my freedom

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Rhonda37 said...
Oct. 9, 2015 at 9:11 am
So true! We all have a responsibility and need to do our part starting now!
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