What’s for Breakfast?

June 19, 2008
The alarm clock blares, I shrug out of bed.
Trudging downstairs, to get my raging stomach fed.
“What’s for breakfast?” my stomach inquires with a fix.
The clock announces it’s time for breakfast…yep, 30minutes past 6.
What’s there that’s good? What’s there to eat?
Do I want eggs? Bread? Or some kind of breakfast meat?
I can’t find anything; I’ll just go without.
“No, you’re eating.” My stomach sternly replies as it enters one of its pouts.
All right, all right I try to sooth as I open the pantry door.
Cereal, pancakes eggs and bacon and much more.
Well, cereal’s for weekdays and bacon is too hard to make.
You know what I crave? An enormous slice of moist chocolate cake.
But that’s not for breakfast! You’re getting off task.
Oatmeal, waffles… do we have milk? I guess I’ll have to ask.
Coffee, pop-tarts, hashbrowns -no!
An omlet, breakfast burrito, hot pockets-no!
Donuts are too sugary and fruit’s too bland.
Sausage biscuits, French toast, stead and…
Bagels, honey buns, pork chops I see. Cinnamon rolls toast grits and hot tea.
All these choices and still nuffin’
Wait! I’ve got it!
I’ll have that blueberry muffin!

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