The Rose

June 19, 2008
This gift is for you, a gesture from my loving heart.
In exchange, I plead you…not to rip it apart.
This rose represents my affection…it’s only for you.
From the brilliant emerald leaves, to the pedal kissed dew.
It’s stem, like us this stage we are in.
Torns along the way, but leading us to a blooming end!
The scent, as sweet as candy. It’s color so bright!
It’s loveliness shimmers, as it hits the glistening light.
So for a day as luminous as this, fresh and new…
I send you the most ravousing rose, all wrapped up with my admiration for you.
So please, please, please! Take my heart and keep it concealed.
Because our love will only amplify larger, passionate, and more surreal.

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