Eye of the Storm

June 18, 2008
By mouse. GOLD, Kewanee, Illinois
mouse. GOLD, Kewanee, Illinois
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I perch on the porch
As the wind whips past my body
Making my hair fly in a swirl of madness

The storm clouds rumble
As they roll through the valley

The light fights it’s way through the
Angry storm clouds
Who threaten to pour down

I sit with wide eyes
Watching the storm progress

My heart beats faster and faster
As the storm rapidly grows violent

The wind chimes clink-clonk
As they struggle against the wind

Lightning shoots into the ground
Casting out it’s blinding lights

The angels finally let down their tears
Washing the earth in sadness

The storm finishes up leaving a chill
I, still perched on the porch
Frown as the storm drifts away.

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