What we Were...and What we Are

June 18, 2008
2 years ago we met
and now we are enemies
last year we were so close
brothers and sisters
i remember
don't you?
and then
after 3 months
no talking
dissing behind backs
tripping each others hearts
i see a picture
of me and u
on your profile
on aim
are you telling me
then i see u
at the school
camp trip
you always look my way
sometimes i think
it was your new friends
u remember
that group
i heard what
they said
in advisory
u think i still ache
u think like before
all the other fights
i come running
i didnt this time
it took a lot of will power
i miss u
but i hate u
i am hurt
but angry
angry u left
hurt u left
happy i don't have to run
after you all the time
missing those days
but thats life
and that is soul.

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