A Winter Wonderland

April 15, 2011
By Anonymous

A little girl asleep in her bed
When she hears a whisper
She puts on her coat and a hat on her head
And walks outside where the air against her skin is crisper

She is greeted by a thick blanket of snow
Not one track inside it, completely undisturbed
The street lamps shine their dim glow
Their light not comparing to the light provided by the man in the sky

Neighbors remain deeply dreaming in their dwelling
Completely unaware of the paradise outside of their imagination
Snowflakes continue falling
As they slowly take their place in the magnificent cover

A small head tilts back, where her tongue is met by a refreshing chill
The trees, usually bare, are bursting with life
Each element in nature can mingle
Completing the scene of a winter wonderland

The author's comments:
I know that this might seem like a cliche poem that everyone writes, but it means a little more to me.

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