The Doll

June 20, 2008
By Ashley Lane, East Peoria, IL

The sewn on fabricated smile
could not hurt more
The black painted on eyes
just stared ahead at the plain, white
wall that showed dented holes
of past fights that were lost.

Who could imagine that
this doll filled and stuffed
with fluff, had a heart
like any other.
A heart that could beat,
break, and soar

His legs just hung dead
over the shelf and his arms
just stayed situated perfectly
in his lap.

From day one in his life
he just stared out at the room

(her room)
in front of him
not having the muscle to fight.

What could a doll as seemingly
lifeless as he have something to fight for?
How could a doll that has no muscles, bones, or blood
have a heart that races and sputters?

A prick of the needle against
a finger tip and a drop soaked
into that vulnerable fluff
Faulty patchwork and a drop of
blood so pure that it could give life.

He was cursed with a
gift so vile and useless that
yet was sweet and comforting
like a lazy, warm summer's day.
He was given a life unlike
all the others that sat on
the shelf next to him.

Though his eyes were plastic
and his ears not sold with package

he could see and hear what happened..
when the monster stepped into the room

The monster was huge
his skin hanging loosely
off the bones inside

If the doll's legs could walk
he was sure they would
lead him to the monster
To give him a taste of his
own medicine

If his arms could move
he was sure they'd throw
themselves right into the
monster's face.

He would protect his owner,
the only one who made his
heart--his little heart-- fly,
he would protect her.

She was the one the monster
was famous for attacking.
The one who had no strength
or motivation to hit back.

The doll would watch for
painful hours as the monster
threw fists and words.
He would always wish
for a chance that he would miss...
and the girl would take the risk...

To rise above the fallen monster
and pay him back for the times
his arms and legs kissed her
already bruised skin.

Nothing could make the doll
love her more if she would
get off the ground and give the
monster what he deserved.

But the doll knew she was too far under
and the fact that she had no strength
made his little heart

If only the doll could
stand and take charge
he knew he would surely
win her heart and be her
knight in shining armor

If only his sewn lips
could break open and spill
the words that were
swirling around in the only thing
that let him feel halfway real.

She kept him alive
whether or not she knew

that this tiny gift from
a mistake was hers and only

He had heard stories from
the books she read aloud
The words telling tales
of stealing hearts and sealing wounds.
and some of the things
he wished he could do.

He heard the story of
a doll turning into a real boy.
He awaited for a little
cricket to come by or for a
fairy godmother to rid him of the
life spent incased on the shelf.

But the time never came
and his heart seem to strain
as the news sunk in.
Maybe the words were not real
and his hope had turned to sorrow
as he realized his fairy tale would
never come true.

His dreams of muscles and bones
and eyes that could move...
They all were just wishful thinking.

One morning his heart sunk even more,
as he woke up on the floor and knew
that all hope was lost seeing as he
was unable to move.

The sun was shining in his eyes and
he blinked twice to rid the burning sensation.
Another night had passed and another
dream wasted away.

His eyes slid open once more
when he felt a large, roaring tingle
move it's way down to his core.
he had blinked.
Was this all real or
just another cruel dream?

Testing the waters he
had almost screamed in joy.
He was no longer a toy.

His fabric had stretched into
pale, white skin and his insides had
turned real overnight.

This couldn't be a dream everything
seemed so real..the wooden shelf hung high
and the shape of his old body stood clean
against the dust.

The windows were opened and the warm air
blew in leaving tiny bumps across his skin.
His skin.

How the words made him smile.

How his heart thumped, pounded,
and soared high in his chest
as he realized his wish had come true.
at last.

He sat up in surprise,
something fell in his eyes.
He had hair unlike before

His heart soared once more.
He could finally fight back
for her.
Oh how she'll fall into his arms
and how they'll fall in love with each other.

But first, there was something he needed to do.
Settle the score between right and wrong.
Good against evil.
Doll against monster.

He pounded out the door (a little wobbly at first).

Turn the corner.
Follow his instincts.
Follow the scent of food,
right into the kitchen.
And there he was.
Old, tired eyes rose to
meet newly opened
wide-eyed browns.

The doll clenched his fist
and before another second had passed
The monster was on the floor
with a fresh black eye.

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