The Big Day Will Soon Arrive

April 18, 2011
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The new day has come
everyone is trying to make a change in their lives
trying to sing out free,
trying to make things right
but no one ever wonder what's happening to the world
they killing each other with no hesitations
never wonder if there is someone up there that is watching then wherever they go,and in whatever they doing
how do you think you was made?
how do you think this world had been made?
do you believe in what has to come in the future?
what you and i are seeing right now is nothing
worst will come
and their is nothing that we can do to stop it
all we can do is to try to save our life
by believe and accept the real god which is the lord JESUS CHRIST
i know and i feel the pains that we are struggling with
have you ever wonder when is that day will come for us to stop suffering?
suffering is equal to all our mistakes,our sins, and all our disobedience
all we do in this earth is sins
have you now breath the fresh air?
have you now understand why you and i was made?
what is the big deal of serving the real GOD
it's rather you accept him now or soon or later you will be beg
but no cries will be heard that day and that day will soon come.

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RedFeather said...
Oct. 29, 2011 at 11:39 am

I'm a Christian and I love it. :)

I'm glad to know that there's someone else out around my edge who still cares for religion and the church. About no one else that I know actually cares for church, but you can hear it mentioned at school all the time -when people are making fun of it. :( I'd like to find something to say to make them stop and give repect to God, but I don't know what to say that might actually make them stop and think. Maybe I'll make fliers of your poem and put them a... (more »)

spency replied...
Mar. 11, 2012 at 6:33 pm
yea,i do hav some other idea,ill get back to u when im done writting abt them,tx for the feedback....
spency said...
May 17, 2011 at 12:13 pm
feel free to comment.....thank you for all your support
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