The Way I See Life

June 18, 2008
Everybody is unique and different…
the words messed up, their are teens getting pregnant
got kicked out, now they’re homeless and living on the street
being in an alley makin’ fire for heat
askin’ around for a dollar or two
because they are hungry and they need food
seeing guys drop out of high school and become thugs
and teens getting taught how to use certain drugs
makin’ people feign for more
goin’ to people and getting something they’ve never tried before
people sharing needles because they are messed up in the head
after so many years of using drugs people end up dead
going over the speed limit because people are drunk and chose to drive
now the people in the car aren’t alive
people walkin’ around being what there not
walkin’ down the street and people getting shot
they don’t know who you are so they start to talk
saying you don’t belong here, get off my block!
dropping out of school is such a waste of time
and then trying to get your GED… it’s a long line
staying in school makes you smart and can give you knowledge
you graduate with a diploma and can get into a better college
see I’m almost eighteen and graduating school
be smart. stay smart. your future is up to you
don’t be one of those teens that party get drunk and stay out late
complete school with a high school diploma and try to graduate

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